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Navigation license Yacht skipper 'Patrón de yate' (PY)

Yacht Skipper Course in Valencia. Get your Yacht Skipper licence with our complete course that includes theory, practice and official exam (exam taxes excluded). If you are thinking of obtaining a nautical qualification to be able to steer a boat, we collaborate with the best nautical school in the Valencian Community. The recreational nautical qualifications are divided into 5 different licences. Each one qualifies us to drive a specific size of boat and allows us to stay away from the coast for certain miles. Which one will be yours? On this particular course you will get your Yachtmaster licence, which will not only give you sailing and safety skills, but will also open up a world of recreational and potential career opportunities in the maritime field.

What you need to know:

  • Live online classes.
  • Recorded classes to watch as many times as necessary.
  • Tutorials and whatsapp group to solve all doubts.
  • Access to our virtual classroom, explanatory videos, exams, developed exercises...
  • Follow-up by the teacher outside the classroom.

Navigation license Yacht skipper 'Patrón de yate' (PY)

Next call: September 2024. New calls every 5-6 months
3 months aprox.
Fleet of the sailing school
From 720€ / p.p
What will you be able to do after the course?

Course attributions

  • Operate recreational motor boats of up to 24 metres in length.
  • Sailing throughout the Mediterranean Sea and up to 150 Miles off the coast outside the Mediterranean Sea.
  • You will also be able to drive jet skis with no engine limit.
  • Daytime and night-time navigation possible
What will you learn?

Course details

Methodology of the Yacht skipper course - 'Patrón de Yate' (PY)

Our course will allow you to prepare for the exam in a simple and efficient way. You have total flexibility to attend the classes, either online, face-to-face or hybrid. On our partner nautical school's platform you will be able to access the course content from minute one. And as the classes are taken, they will be posted on the platform. You will also have the opportunity to gain fluency and confidence in handling a motor boat, as the course also has a fairly extensive practical part, which includes 48 hours of motor practice and 12 hours of radio practice. In addition, you will be able to go on two FREE sailing trips at our partner sailing school.
  • Programme

    The syllabus of the yacht skipper course is very complete and is divided into 4 blocks: Navigation, Meteorology, Safety and Navigation and Legislation. It also includes compulsory motor practice (48 hours) and radio practice (12 hours).
    • Advantages of doing the Yacht Captain's course with us

      Learning with our partner nautical school has many advantages, as we offer personalised attention and a lot of flexibility to do the course at your own pace.
      1. Different timetables for face-to-face classes, in Spanish.
      2. We have a whatsapp group for questions and more direct communication.
      3. Groups from Monday to Thursday in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, intensive courses and also groups on Saturdays.
      4. Exercises by topic and all the exams that have taken place, which will help you to prepare for the exam.
      5. We have explanatory videos of all topics to watch step by step (e.g. the nautical chart), which are always at your disposal whenever you need them.
      6. We have 4 ships to do the internships, so we have many options of dates for you to organise your dates.
      7. We have a virtual classroom where we have explanatory videos, tests and a collection of exams. It is a great working tool that all students use.
      8. Book with app included, so you can do exercises in any free time you have.
      9. Included in the course are two sailing trips at our partner sailing school, FREE of charge (once the certificate has been passed).
      10. Examination and processing fees included.
      11. Compulsory motor practice (48 hours) included.
    • Requirements for applying to the course:

      The requirements for professional qualifications for recreational qualifications are as follows:
      1. Have the complementary attributes of each qualification (sailing and complementary in the PER).
      2. Basic Maritime Safety Training Course.
      3. Have the Basic Training Course and the relevant qualification in force.
      4. Have a good level of Spanish (B2 and higher recommended).

    Boats of the sailing school

    Recreational boat skipper course valencia
    Recreational boat skipper course
    Boat skipper course valencia
    Boat for the PER course
    Sailing school boat
    Our partner school has a fleet of 4 boats of different types and sizes to ensure that you can carry out all the necessary practices so that you feel comfortable and safe when sailing on your own in the near future. In addition, all the boats are equipped with everything necessary to guarantee the safety and comfort of the students. You can choose to do the PER in Valencia (recommended), Madrid, Alicante, Oropesa or Denia.