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Sailing Course 'From Theory to Practice' - 1 Day

Intensive one-day sailing course in Valencia Discover the exciting world of sailing with our complete course, from theory to practice! Have you always dreamed of sailing on the wind-driven waters? This is your chance to make that dream come true! Our practical sailing course will take you from the basics to becoming an expert in the art of sailing. BEYOND THE PER Becoming a skipper of a boat should be more than just getting the title that accredits it, which gives us some theoretical and basic knowledge about sailing and very little practice to start sailing alone on a boat. WHO ARE THESE PRACTICES AIMED AT? As in many other disciplines, you won't learn something if you don't put it into practice, and from Navega Mediterráneo, we want to help you to get the security and confidence you are looking for to go out to sea as a skipper of a sailboat and enjoy the experience. Internships (unofficial), aimed at nautical graduates or crew members who are passionate about the sea and want to acquire skills, abilities and experience on board a boat. Share special moments with people like you, who are interested in sailing and have unique experiences.

What you need to know:

  • Full 1-day intensive practice
  • Available every Saturday of the year
  • 8h in total divided into two modules of 4h. each.
  • Lessons given in Spanish
  • No previous experience required

Sailing Course 'From Theory to Practice' - 1 Day

Every Saturday, from September to May
7 hours - Intensive
Valencia Mar (Spain)
'Isola': Beneteau Oceanis 343 (6 people + skipper)
For 345€ / p.p
What will you learn?

Course details

Module 1

In the morning, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • PREPARATION FOR SAILING (Theory and practice)

    Learn the theoretical and practical basics of sailing, wind principles and water safety.
    1. Boat checklist: Before setting sail, it is important to carry out a checklist to ensure that the boat is in optimum condition.
    2. Safety Equipment: Ensure that life jackets, fire extinguishers, life rings and other safety equipment are on board and in good condition.
    3. Engine and Mechanical: Check fuel level, engine oil, cooling system and other mechanical components.
    4. Electrical Systems: Check that navigation lights, interior lights and other electrical systems are working properly. Check general functions.
    5. Navigation equipment: Check the functioning of compass, GPS, radar and other navigation equipment (plotter and Apps).
    6. Checking bottom taps, bilges, water tanks, fuel level, batteries.
    7. Anchoring and lashing: Anchoring equipment must be in good condition and ready for use.
    8. Communications: Check that VHF radio and other communication equipment is working and has battery power.
    9. Provisions and Water: Provision the ship with sufficient food, drinking water and medical supplies on board.
    10. Documents and Licenses: Carry all ship's documents, such as registration, sailing licences, as well as personal identification documents.
    11. Weather Conditions: Check weather conditions and forecasts before sailing.
    12. Informed Crew: The crew will be informed and aware of the routes and the sailing plan for the day.

    Gain practical skills by sailing in different wind conditions and manoeuvring the boat with confidence.
    1. Departure and mooring at moorings: we will practise various mooring and unmooring manoeuvres on an individual basis.
    2. Manoeuvres in the harbour: we will perform different manoeuvres in the harbour, turning in a confined space, sailing in reverse, turning manoeuvre, temporary mooring, waiting manoeuvre, slow navigation, these manoeuvres require a good understanding of the boat, the water conditions and navigation techniques.

Module 2

Afternoon, from 14:00h to 17:00h

    Discover how to prepare and maintain a sailing boat to ensure a successful trip. We will start a complete journey into sailing, sail trimming, reefing, heading, sea and wind.
    1. Introduction to sailing: Familiarise yourself with nautical terms such as port, starboard, tack, stern, headwind, etc...get to know the main parts of the sailboat, such as the hull, keel, mast.
    2. Introduction to sail trimming: Understand how sails work and how they are adjusted to make the best use of the wind. Handling the mainsail and jib.
    3. Nautical knots: Learn how to tie basic knots to secure sails, tie lines and perform manoeuvres on board.
    4. Sea bearings: these are directions used in navigation to indicate the angle between north and the direction we are sailing. We will look at the different types of headings.

    Select the right place for proper anchoring, adjust the length of chain and ensure that the boat is fixed to avoid possible displacement.


    Welcome to the gateway to the exciting and enriching experience of learning to sail aboard the Beneteau Oceanis 343 sailing yacht. If you have ever dreamed of mastering the art of sailing, this yacht is your perfect tool to turn that dream into reality. Designed to offer an exceptional combination of performance and comfort, the Beneteau Oceanis 343 is the ideal platform for our sailing courses. This sailing yacht represents the perfect synthesis between cutting-edge technology and nautical tradition, giving our students the opportunity to learn in an environment where safety, elegance and sailing pleasure come together in perfect harmony. With its sleek lines, ergonomic interior design and outstanding manoeuvrability, the Beneteau Oceanis 343 is the ultimate floating classroom for all sailing enthusiasts.